Our Process

Step 1: The Phone Consultation

It all starts here and it’s completely free.  We’ll go over how the plan works, your situation and goals and the pertinent details we’ll need to continue. 

Even if we mutually decide not to proceed, you’ll at least come away with a better understanding of your own direction.

Step 2:  Gathering Facts

On the phone or during an in person, appointment.  We’ll go over your specific statements and items we’ll need to create your clear and concise income plan.

Our goal is to make sure we’re maximizing your Social Security and trying addressing any important areas of concern. 

Step 3:  The Explanation

We’ll go over the plan in detail and discuss the specific recommendations.  It’s not just a matter of delivering a printed plan, it’s also about discussing the steps and why each one is important to you. 

Step 4:  Implementation, Monitoring and Review

We’ll implement the necessary recommendations and over time monitor their progress.  Most importantly, in us you’ll have a trusted and experienced resource to review your progress and make any changes that might come up (like the birth of grandkids).